Face Painting



Face painting has come a considerable way since human history began. It is obviously difficult to pinpoint the source and precisely when body and face painting began, though some claimed the Native Americans were the people who pioneered this artwork. From ancient times, it’s been used for traditional festivals, wars, hunting, a lot of reasons, and military functions. In the popular culture throughout the hippie movement of the late 1960 therefore, it was frequent for young women to embellish their cheeks with blossoms at particular events. In the same time, there were individuals who painted peace symbols in their faces in anti war demonstrations.


In the 80s, face painting found its way to professional wrestling shows. Popular wrestlers such as The Ultimate Warrior, Road Warrior Hawk and Doink precisely the Clown used this artwork to make distinctive personality dressings that shook the wrestling world. Up to now, some WWE superstars are still wearing face paint designs to radically increase the visual impact of their personalities. In the past couple of decades, face painting was a common sight in carnival’s, private parties, street and paid demonstrations and big open air markets. Part from that, it is also remarkably popular with kids in birthday parties, theme parks and seasonal festivals during the Western world especially.


Even though nearly all face painting activities are aimed in young kids, many grown ups love being painted too especially at special events like charity fundraisers. This group of artists travel from country to country with their herds of animals and large cases of instruments and gadgets to entertain the crowds. Those had been the times before we’d cable TV or HBOs. Probably the most entertaining demonstrations when watching precisely the circus was when precisely the clown seems to delight the crowds. Almost all these professional clowns had to paint their very own faces. They’d a reasonably easy and simple design. Dawn Anderson is a preschool teacher who teaches Art & Craft.

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