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The superbowl of entire body painting, the World Body Painting Festival, occurs yearly in Carinthia, Austria, as well as has been steadily rising since 1998. This Saturday, Body Fine Art, the West Coasts response to the WBPF, will happen in the Springs at the Downtown Arts District. Twenty artists from around the globe will compete for a $5, 000 prize. The subject of the contest is Sacred Body, clarifying the significance of the earthly vessels as well as the spiritual energy which runs through them. Simply since the theme is a spiritual one doesn’t mean the artists are not competitive.

Its humorous to be competing in an artistic kingdom because its subjective and, to not sound clich, but its fantastic chance to showcase what we do,. Says Gilmore. However, people go there to compete, thats to get certain. The body painting community is inviting, but people certainly need to win. In a city of several subcultures, body painting nevertheless manages to be unique. However in the past it’s been dismissed as even a novelty, or as too openly sexual to be taken seriously. There is a facet of hedonism to it, and at times that may go off to fringe, says David Gilmore.

Gilmore is even a well known illustrator who painted the ceiling of Mariah Careys bedroom. He is present in the Game Show Networks body painting show Skin Wars. I try to adhere to the fine art program of it, says Gilmore. Something you’d see in a gallery or even a coffee table book. As an ancient, physical craft, it’s, Like many Burning Man spin offs, a response to our digitally saturated society. From geeks to sports fans, everybody is using body paint. Prominent body painters have lately been accountable For Gotyes famous video to get Somebody That I Used to Know, to get the paint-on swimsuits at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, to get Beyonce photo spreads and to get a human diversion of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. The point which artists like Spear as well as Gilmore are forwarding is which it’s more than a novelty. I personally believe you are illustrating the full of energy pathways on the skin.

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