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You could already learn a lot about the various kinds of colour blindness and what colour blindness actually is. In this chapter of Color Blind Essentials i’d like to tell and show you a few more and deeper details about the most typical and also most well known type of colour vision deficiency: red green colour blindness. Already John Dalton wrote about his colour vision deficiency. Red, orange, yellow, and green all seem to be the same colour to him. The rest of the colour spectrum seemed to be blue, progressively changing to purple. Dalton concluded already in the year 1798, he can’t see long wavelength red lightknown as protanopia today.

Some latest genetic analysis of Dalton’s preserved eyes showed, that he had been suffering from deuteranopiaanother form of red green colour blindness. But anyway this is the first description of the red green colour vision deficiency. In 1837 August Seebeck carried out a few systematic colour vision tests and found two different classes of red green colour blindness with differences in severity from weak to strong in both classes. After that investigations began to gather more details and scientists learned that a whole lot more about our colour Vision: The genetic origin of colour vision, its shortcomings and the precise knowledge about the mechanism of colour vision in our eyes.

The facts With the knowledge of the last two chapters on what colour blindness really is and the various kinds of colour blindness, we may put together the following list of facts about red green colour blindness: Facts on Red Green Color Blindness – Red green colour blindness is a generic term for protanopia, protanomaly, deuteranopia, and deuteranomaly. More than 99% of all colour blind individuals are suffering from a red green colour vision deficiency. About 8% of men and 0.5% of all women suffer from it. Any seriousness starting from slightly over moderately, strongly or absolutely is possible. Red green colour blindness is a recessive, sex linked trait.

This implies that many more men to suffer from it than women. It’s usually inherited from that a grandfather to his grandson, with the mother in between acting as the carrier of the disease. Not just red and green cannot be distinguished, but the whole colour spectrum is impacted by colour blindness. Sadly many individuals do not even know one of those seven basic facts on red green colour blindness. This frequently causes a lot of confusion and several misunderstandings related to this term.

Frequently confused colours – The following little story happened to me that a couple of years back. But not only those colours are mixed up. Colors from the whole colour spectrum may cause problems with regards to not having the ability to differentiate them if you’re colour blind. The table on the left shows five example colour pairs of confusion.

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