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painting of picasso



Some renowned paintings of Picasso happen to be motivated by his life experiences and carry stories. By way of instance, his own Les Demoiselles d’Avignon of 1907 and Guernica of 1937 are proto cubist creations depicting the Guernica bombings when Spain confronted Civil War. Considered not under a national treasure in Spain, Guernica is a black, white and gray colored representation of the gruesome bombing and the feelings it caused. The terror and chaos is enough to be felt, such has been the energy of the monumental work by Picasso. When Picasso was only fourteen, he painted the First Communion a very realistic projection of his sister Lola getting her first Communion.


From his Blue Period of painting, includes the famous La Vie which shows Casamegas because the central character, that happened to become Picasso’s close friend in actual life. Casamegas’s death motivated Picasso’s Blue Period and his own paintings of the stage used a dominant blue color and have been touched by depression. The ancient guitarist is another painting from this time that shows an old haggard man bent on his guitar. A painting that is sad, but real to the center.arcon a la Pipe of this year 1905 has been Picasso’s gem from Rose Period’. In the painting, Picasso painted a boy who’d been special to him who loved to see him paint.


Another of Picasso’s beautiful works is The Portrait of Dora Maar’. The spectacular painting shows Dora, who had been Picasso’s Yugoslavian mistress and a photographer herself. She’s shown to become coming out of a box, that suggests a confinement of some kind. The highlight of this painting is this lady’s face painted both from this side and front and still looks surprisingly balanced. A true master in his work!.

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