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Watercolor Brush Pen Set – Vivid Watercolors for Professionals, Beginners, Adults, and Kids – 20 Watercolor Art Markers and Water Pen + BONUS Roll Up Wrap Case & Coloring Book by  Tropic Desire

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Love them!!!! there the best and this is my first time using watercolor pencils. Great Brushes not too soft or hard and they're not imitation foam brushes. These pens allow me to PAINT (actually paint!!!) without the mess and can be used/taken anywhere.

Vicki Schlegel

I love the water-based media and since I like to bike and move around a lot I bought these. They let me paint spontaneously whenever I break at the park, without the fuss of using a cup of water and brush and pans taking up room in my pack.

Heather Stetten

I work in water color and inks, and these brush pens are not only fun but have brought a whole other level of style and look to my art work that i just love! The length of the brush is really a good compromise, long so it has a larger ink capacity but not so long that it does not fit in most pockets.

Nancy Nardin

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